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Frequently Asked Questions ?

How can I download the Parkera mobile app?

You can download the Parkera mobile app for free from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Is the Parkera mobile app free?

Yes! You can download the Parkera mobile app for free and quickly access all content, including parking space availability.

How can I find free parking spaces?

You can access the current availability of parking spaces on the Parkera mobile app and website. You can find all vacant parking spaces through the Parkera mobile app and website.

How can I find the nearest parking lots?

One of the best methods to find parking lots is by using the Parkera mobile app and website. This platform features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for you to locate nearby parking lots. Here's a detailed guide on how to find parking lots using Parkera:

1. Download Parkera or Visit the Website: Start by downloading the Parkera app to your mobile device or visiting the Parkera website in your browser.
2. Sign Up for Free or Log In: When you open the app or website, create a user account or log in with an existing one.
3. Grant Location Permission: Parkera uses your location to find nearby parking lots. The app or website will request location permission on your first use. Granting this permission is important for seeing the closest parking lots.
4. Use Search or Map: Parkera offers you a few different options. Firstly, you can search for a specific parking lot or location using the parking lot search box. Alternatively, you can use the map view to see parking lots in your vicinity.
5. Utilize Filters: Parkera provides various filters. Through these filters, you can sort parking lots by price, availability of vacant spaces, distance, and other criteria. This helps you choose the most suitable parking lot.
6. Review Detailed Information: Once you've found parking lots, you can view detailed information about each one. This information may include fees, operating hours, address, reservation options, and even user reviews.
7. Get Directions and Make Reservations: When you select a parking lot you like, Parkera can provide you with directions on how to get there. Additionally, you may have the option to make reservations for some parking lots.
8. Share and Rate: Parkera allows you to share your experiences and rate parking lots. This can be helpful to other users and contribute to the community.

İSPARK Balmumcu Açık ​full address:
İSPARK Balmumcu Açık ​working hour 07:00-23:00 Hours of Operation ​service.
​İSPARK Balmumcu Açık is in the AÇIK OTOPARK category. 

İSPARK Balmumcu Açık toplam 98 park yeri bulunmaktadır.
İSPARK Balmumcu Açık güncel 83 boş park yerine sahiptir.
İSPARK Balmumcu Açık güncel 15 dolu park yeri bulunmaktadır.
İSPARK Balmumcu Açık için Yol Tarifi Al butonunu kullanarak Apple Haritalar, Google Haritalar ve Yandex Haritalar ile yol tarifi / navigasyon hizmeti alabilirsiniz. 

İSPARK Balmumcu Açık araba ücreti / fiyat tarifesi; 5 Minutes : Free, 0-1 Hour : 52 TL, 1-2 Hour : 66 TL, 2-4 Hour : 73 TL, 4-8 Hour : 100 TL, 8-12 Hour : 134 TL, Full Day : 200 TL, Monthly Subscription : 2350 TL.
İSPARK Balmumcu Açık otopark minibüs ücreti / fiyat tarifesi; 0-1 Hour : 104 TL, 1-2 Hour : 132 TL, 2-4 Hour : 146 TL, 4-8 Hour : 200 TL, 8-12 Hour : 268 TL, Full Day : 400 TL,.
İSPARK Balmumcu Açık otopark otobüs ücreti / fiyat tarifesi; 0-1 Hour : 156 TL, 1-2 Hour : 198 TL, 2-4 Hour : 219 TL, 4-8 Hour : 300 TL, 8-12 Hour : 402 TL, Full Day : 600 TL,.
İSPARK Balmumcu Açık otopark motosiklet ücreti / fiyat tarifesi; 0-1 Hour : 26 TL, 1-2 Hour : 33 TL, 2-4 Hour : 36.5 TL, 4-8 Hour : 50 TL, 8-12 Hour : 67 TL, Full Day : 100 TL,.

​Download Parkera for free from the App Store and Google Play Store. Find parking easily and quickly with the Parkera mobile app. See the real-time availability of parking spaces in parking lots. Use artificial intelligence by downloading the Parkera mobile app. Artificial intelligence will assist you in finding the ideal parking spaces. With just one touch on the Parkera mobile app, you can find parking.

​The information and content provided within the Parkera website and mobile application are provided by the associated parking facility. Parkera is not authorized or responsible for the information and content.

​What are the working hours of İSPARK Balmumcu Açık?
​Where is İSPARK Balmumcu Açık located?
​What are the parking fees at İSPARK Balmumcu Açık?
​How can I get to İSPARK Balmumcu Açık?
​What is the current parking availability at İSPARK Balmumcu Açık?
​Are the prices at İSPARK Balmumcu Açık up to date?
​How much is the motorcycle parking fee at İSPARK Balmumcu Açık?
​What is the capacity of İSPARK Balmumcu Açık parking?
​What is the nearest parking facility to İSPARK Balmumcu Açık?
​Are there any other parking lots on the way to İSPARK Balmumcu Açık?
​What is the location of İSPARK Balmumcu Açık on Google Maps?
​Detailed information about the parking capacity of İSPARK Balmumcu Açık.
​How can I find İSPARK parking lots using the Parkera app?
​How to download the Parkera mobile app?